Webinar Series

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What is Webinar and how does it work?


Webinar is a portmanteau of web and seminar, which most frequently refers to presentations, conferences, seminars and forums hosted via a web-based platform. Network 3 has purchased the Citrix® GoToWebinar® software to give trainees greater access to teaching occurring in Emergency Departments across the network.

The Webinar software allows for up to 100 trainees to register for the live stream. Upon registration, trainees are provided with information on how to access the Live Webinar at the allocated date and time. They will receive email reminders and updates in the lead up to the live stream, and will also be sent a recording following the event. Likewise, absentees will receive this recording, and it will be made available to any trainee who did not previously register for the Live Webinar.

If you have any queries in relation to Network 3’s Live Webinar Series, please feel free to contact Lara.McGirr@svha.org.au. For further information about the Citrix® GoToWebinar® Software, please visit www.gotowebinar.com.


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